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It is not yet located. (02nd july)

Check the link below for more information, there are also a Participation

Application You must filled out if You want to be registed there and have oppourtunity to trade pins.


Dear pins collector,

We would like to mention that Coca-Cola is organizing the operation of a whole Pin Trading Center, carrying on the tradition that emerged for the first time at the Calgary Winter Games in 1988. Thus, it will give the opportunity to all participants (those who fill in the application and thus reserve a stand) and all visitors to live, under one roof, the unique feeling that “blends” Pin Trading and Collection with the Olympic Spirit and the celebration that will occur in Athens as a result of the Olympic Games.

The process is simple. If you own a collection that consists of more than 500 pins and want to be given the possibility to have your own stand in order to exhibit and trade your collection with other Pin Traders and visitors, then you have to fill-in and submit the Participation Application Form that appears on http://coca-cola.gr/pin_trading/en/ Fill in the required fields, without forgetting to attach a picture of your collection and submit your application by the 10th of July. All prospects that fulfill Coca-Cola’s Official Pin Trading Center Terms and Conditions, will be contacted by the Pin Trading Team in order to shape their schedule of appearance in the Center (dates, hours, number of stand etc.). The Coca-Cola Official Pin Trading Center will operate from August 13th to August 29th 2004, from 11am to 11 pm and participation requires no fees.

We would like you to communicate the above information to all Pin Traders interested in reserving a stand at the Coca-Cola Official Pin Trading Center and live an unforgettable experience!

Kind regards,
On behalf of the Coca-Cola Official Pin Trading Center

Antonios Antalis


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